Nuku yö ulkona

Sleep outdoors

Finnish Outdoor Association Suomen Latu is challenging everyone to sleep outdoors on Finnish Nature Day 29 Aug 2020. With everyman's right, it's possible to sleep outdoors in the nature or spend the night in your own backyard. There are also events you can participate in. Suomen Latu is organising four main events called Metsähotelli® - Forest Hotel in different parts of Finland: Kankaanpää, Lahti and Savonlinna. Other smaller events take place all around Finland.

If you want to spend a night in Forest Hotel event, you have to book it before hand. It is possible to book a place from 15 June onwards. Unfortunately the booking form is only available in Finnish.
Find the booking information for all three Metsähotelli's here:

There are also tens of smaller events around Finland. You can find basic information of those (in Finnish) on this site and some events are also in Facebook. You can use search key words "Nuku yö ulkona" or check the events on Suomen Latu Facebook page.