Sleep outdoors

Let’s sleep outdoors! Suomen Latu - The Outdoor Association of Finland is challenging everyone to sleep outdoors. "The sleep outdoors night" (Nuku yö ulkona) is celebrated on Finnish Nature Day 26th of August 2023. 

Participate on your balcony, backyard or in the wilderness - under the starry sky. You can also participate in the events which are organized on the 26th of August. There are two main events called Metsähotelli® (Forest Hotel) where you can book your “room” for free.

In 2023 The Forest Hotels are in:

There will also be a lot of smaller events around Finland and more information will be published during summer. You can find these events here (in finnish).

Sleep outdoors. #nukuyöulkona

Sleeping outdoors is enabled with everyman’s rights in Finland. Take note also of the local instructions.

This year the campaign is part of a Nordic project called Nordic Night in Nature. All people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are invited to spend a night outdoors in order to celebrate the Nordic tradition of outdoor life.