Suomen Latu Staff


Eki Karlsson

Executive Manager

eki.karlsson (at)
Tel. 044 328 3286

General Management

Training and Organizational unit 

Mika Asikainen

Head of the Training and Organizational unit

mika.asikainen (at)
Tel. 0400 251 389

Secretary for Suomen Latu's board of directors

Johanna Yli-Opas

Association Manager

johanna.yli-opas (at)
Tel. 040 546 6518

Association development work, general assembly, volunteer work

Nina Räike

Manager of Children & Youth activities

nina.raike (at)
Tel. 044 722 6312

Network of outdoor living for early childhood education and Mulle forest character

Hanna Okkonen

Coordinator, outdoor activities for adults

hanna.okkonen (at)
Tel. 045 138 4928

Outdoor activities for adults, training and events, secretary for the winter swimming committee

Anne Rautiainen


anne.rautiainen (at)
Tel. 050 545 6539

Everyman's rights, promotion of interests

Tiia Eskelinen

Coordinator, outdoor activities for children

tiia.eskelinen (at)
Tel. 044 722 6305

Outdoor activities for children, the Moomin outdoor school, outdoor activities for families

Mari Parikka-Nihti

Project Manager

mari.parikka-nihti (at)
Tel. 040 776 7941

Classroom in Nature project

Juhani Lehto

Project Coordinator
Tel. 044 722 6320
Twitter: @JuhaniLehto

Cross-country skiing, Angry Birds events, "Kiilopäähiihto"

Communications and Marketing unit 

Panu Könönen

Head of the Communications and Marketing unit

panu.kononen (at)
Tel. 040 703 6209
Twitter: @PanuKononen

Chief editor for Latu&Polku magazine, outer communication, brand building

Päivi Purola

Marketing Coordinator

paivi.purola (at)
Tel. 044 722 6311

Cooperation partners, national events, membership recruitment, membership benefits

Toni Hildén

Communications Coordinator

toni.hilden (at)
Tel. 050 599 2682
Twitter: @tonihilden

Layout and editing of Liikuttaja magazine, communication, publicity

Administrative and Support unit 

Elina Kokkonen

Head of the Administrative and Support unit

elina.kokkonen (at)
Tel. 040 502 1273

Financial administration and human resources

Timo Nisula

Financial Manager

timo.nisula (at)
Tel. 0400 774 421

Accounting, payment transactions, insurances

Ulla Kosonen

Membership Secretary

ulla.kosonen (at)
Tel. 09 8567 7450

Member services, main user of membership database, executive secretary

Anna Kaartinen

Coordinator, training

anna.kaartinen (at)
Tel. 09 8567 7470

Event organizer, remote tours, reservation of cottages (Akumaja, Satuniemi, Dominick)

Marianne Holmberg

Coordinator, training and service

marianne.holmberg (at)
Tel. 044 722 6316

Member and Customer service, invoicing, office services