V Kiilopäähiihto


V Kiilopäähiihto 14.12.2019 Event Information


Registration for Kiilopäähiihto is done through LYYTI-system. Deadline for registration is Dec 12th at 23.59. Participation fee will be paid when registrating for the event. Payment method: Online bank service or credit card. Registration opens March 15th 2019. Register for the event here.

Late entry is possible the day before the event (Dec 13th) at the event office (Kiilopää). Payment (55€) by cash at the event office.

Prices for participation

Registration before Jun 30th: 35 €
Registration between Jul 1st and Oct 31th: 40 €
Registration between Nov 1st and Dec 5th: 50 €
Registration 6.12 or after: 55 €

Event Centre

Suomen Latu Kiilopää, Kiilopääntie 620, 99830 Saariselkä.


Classic technique (all series).

Event series and routes

Fjällräven ski trekking adventure, approx. 15 km (time not measured)
Fjällräven ski trekking adventure, approx.30 km (time not measured)
Race series, approx.. 40 km (M/W open, M/W 40-40, M/W 50-59, M/W 60+)
Recreational, approx. 40 km                             

Precise routes and lengths of event will be announced later.

Organizer and contact

Suomen Latu Kiilopää accomodation, food services and reservations: 016-6700 700

Suomen Latu Kiilopää waxing and rental services:  016-6700 319

Organizing team: 0503439494