V Kiilopäähiihto


IV Kiilopää Ski Endurance 2018 Event Information

Update 21.11. Due to warm weather, arrangements for Kiilopäähiihto have to be adjusted. It is not possible to arrange a cross country skiing event at Kiilopää Fell Centre, since there is currently no snow. However, we are able to arrange the competition series on the artificial snow track in Saariselkä. Technique will still be classic and the reace will be approximately 32 km, depending on the snow and track conditions next week. Simoultaniously with the competition, you can also participate in a recreational 32 km or 21 km cross country event on the same track.The competition venue for the competition and recreational series will be Saariselkä Artificial Snow track (crossing of Lutontie and Raitopolku, 99830 Saariselkä).

The Fjällräven adventure will be a guided tour to the fells and nation park close to Kiilopää. The guided tour will be arranged as a walking or nordic walking tour since there is no snow. Kiilopää Fell Centre (Kiilopääntie 620) will remain the venue for the Fjällräven trekking adventure.

Route maps are to be found here. More information will follow closer to the event as we get a more accurate weather and snow forecast.

The Organizing Team is sorry for the inconvenience. However, there is nothing we can do about weather and therefore we can only adapt and attempt our best to make the best out of the situation.

General Event Information


Registration to Kiilopää Ski Endurance 2018 is done through LYYTI platform, by 20.00 on Friday November 23rd. Participation fee is to be paid when registering for the event. Register here.

Event venues

Cross country skiing event (competitive and recreational series): Saariselkä Artificial Snow Track - Crossing of Lutontie and Raitopolku, 99830 Saariselkä.

Fjällräven trekking adventure: Kiilopää Fell Centre - Kiilopääntie 620, 99830 Saariselkä.


Event office

The Event Office is located downstairs in Kiilopää Main building. Event Office opening hours Fri 23.11.2018 from 15:00 to 20:00 and Sat 24.11. from 07:30 to 18:00. At the Event Office you can get your number bibs and other event material. Note - event office for the cross country skiing event will on Sat. Nov. 24th be situated at Saariselkä Artificial snow track (start and finish area) from 07.30 to 14:00.


32 km Race (M/W <20, M/W open, M/W >40, M/W >50, M/W >60):  50 €/participant

21km or 32 km recreational non-competitive cross country skiing event: 50 €/participant

Fjällräven non-competitive trekking adventure (time not measured) :   50 €/participant                   


Classic (competition series)

Age classification for the 40 km Race

M/W <20: Participants born 1999 or after

M/W open: Participants born 1979-1998

M/W >40: Participants born 1969-1978

M/W >50: Participants born 1959-1968

M/W >60: Participants born 1958 or prior


Registration for Kiilopää Ski Endurance 2018 is also possible on friday November 23rd between 15-20 at the Event Office. Post-Registration is possible on saturday November 24th (Event day morning) until 8:30 at the Event Office (Fjällräven trekking event at Kiilopää, competition series at Saariselkä Artificial Snoe Track start and finish area). Registration fee at the Event Office is 55€/participant and is to be paid by cash.

Event Info & Meet the staff FIN/ENG

Open Event Info meeting on Friday 23rd at 18:30 (Kammi restaurant, located in Kiilopää Main Building). The meeting is available for all participants.

Luggage room and storage

at the event office (on saturday).

Routes and Tracks:

32 km Race, 32 km non-competitive & 21 km non-competitive: Saariselkä artificial snow track, 5,3 km per lap. More info and map here.
32 km = 6 x 5,3 km
21 km = 4 x 5,3 km.

Fjällräven trekking adventure map depends on conditions closer to the event. More info and maps will follow and they will be updated here.

NOTICE! Kiilopää reserves right to change the routes and the distances if required due to weather and snow conditions. Changes will be announced via Kiilopää Ski Endurance Web-pages, Facebook event page and bulletin board at the Event Office.

Transportation between Saariselkä and Kiilopää

Due to the forced changes regarding locations, there will be a Shuttle bus transport between Kiilopää and Saariselkä Artificial Snow track for this event. Timetables and information here (in Finnish)

Event Starting time

32 km Race, 32 km non-competitive & 21 km non-competitive

09:20 start preparation (Start and Finish area on the artificial snow track, crossing of Lutontie and Raitopolku)

09:30 Start

Fjällräven trekking adventure

09.20 start preparations (UK-national park gate, outside Suomen Latu Kiilopää)

09.30 Start

All participants are to be present on time when start preparations begin. All participants are to wear number bibs at the start and throughout the event. During start preparations and start, all participants are to follow even organizers’ instructions. Please note that the competition series and the trekking event have two completely different locations.

Number bibs and result service (cross country skiing event)

Skiing without number bibs means no time and no services. Number bibs are collected after crossing the finish line. Not returning the number bib will be charged with 50€ penalty fee.

Result and split time service (32 km Race) is available via web pages and the bulletin board at the Event Office.

Finish line

All skiers must pass the finish line when finishing the race, excluding those who abort the event. This is due to safety reasons so that we can count all skiers still on track. All skiers have their individual time. 32 km Race results are published on web pages and the bulletin board. Finish line will be located close to the Starting area.

Service stations during the event

Service stations during 32 km Race and 32/21 km non-competitive cross country skiing event: 1 stations, which will be passed several times during the race, once per lap.
Fjällräven trekking adventure: 1 station.
Drinks (juice and High5 sports drink) are served on all service stations. Other snacks and provisions like fruits, raisins etc. are served on the stations.

Aborting the event

If you decide to abort the event, contact event officials immediately at the Start/Finish area (race series). If you want to abort the guided trekking tour, contact the trek guide. If you feel tired or lack of energy to make it to the finish line, please ask help from other skiers/trekkers and try to reach nearest service station. From there we try to arrange transportation back to Saariselkä/Kiilopää.

First aid and safety

Each service station has First Aid kit. Finish line area First Aid station. In emergency situation call 112. Don’t overestimate your physical strength and ask for help when needed. Bear in mind that weather changes in the fells can be rapid. Organization has right to cancel the event if weather conditions and safety so require. All skiers are obliged to assist fellow skiers in case of emergency.

Ski waxing service

Niilanpää Hotel ski waxing room is available for do-it-yourself use. START-waxing service at Kiilopää ski-rental shop is open on friday 09:00-22:00 and saturday 06:00-08:00. If you need waxing services please leave your skis marked with your name, participation number (bib number). Please also mark your grip area, wax request and time when you want your skis to be ready for collecting. Skis to-be waxed are to be delivered to the waxing service by 18.00 on friday.

Waxing prices: (includes old wax removal)

Glide wax                           15,00€

Grip wax                              15,00€

Glide + Grip wax                       25,00€

Grip tape                             15,00€

Glide wax + Grip tape                25,00€

Nationalpark code of conduct

Follow all instructions. Littering is strictly forbidden.

Prize ceremony and diplomas

Ceremony at the main building restaurant at 14.30. Each Race series: the top 3 are rewarded. All participant are included in a draw for lottery articles. If you want diploma for completing the event, please inform this upon registration. Diplomas will be sent after the event.

Start lists

Start Lists for Kiilopää Ski Endurance will be published on event web pages approximately two weeks prior to the event. The start list will be updated again closer to the event as more registrations are completed. The final start list will be published on friday 23rd at 15.00 on the event web pages and the bulletin board at the Event Office. Post registrations will be added to the list manually afterwards.

Results (race)

Can be found from Kiilopää Ski Endurance webpages and from Event Office bulletin board. Intermediate times are updated during the race.

Food and saunas

Registration fee includes soup lunch which will be served at Kiilopää Main Building restaurant starting from 11:00 on saturday. Be prepared to present your name and bib number when having the soup lunch. Saunas and showers at the Main Building are open for participants. Sauna at the Main Building is open from 12:00- and the smoke sauna is open from 14:00-.

Other program

Friday 23.11. Main Building restaurant offers Skiers’ Pasta Buffet between 17.00-20.00.

Pre-Ski evening at Kammi is organized from 19.00. Program (in Finnish) radio reporter Mikko ”Peltsi” Peltola, Lappish photographer Terhi Tuovinen and news from UKK-national park staff. The Evening Program is free. We recommend to book a table for the Pasta Buffet in advance from: kiilopaa@suomenlatu.fi or +358 16-6700 700. Our Chef has selected 3 optional menus (meat, fish and vegetarian menu).

Also on Friday 23.11. between 9-15: Fjällräven G-1000 clothes waxing service eg. Keb trousers waxing 15€.

Saturday 24.11 at 20.00 in Kiilopää main building (in Finnish): Informative lectures regarding adventure lifestyle given by experts Tiina Riikonen and Mikko "Peltsi" Peltola.

Organizer and contacts

Suomen Latu Kiilopää accommodation and food service 016-6700 700

Suomen Latu Kiilopää ski rental and waxing service 016-6700 319

Kiilopää Ski Endurance Event Organizer 0504313464