Outdoor life in Finland

Enjoying outdoor life 

Outdoor life is for everybody to enjoy. As a member of Suomen Latu you are helping us promote the joys of outdoor life. It is important to understand how to use nature to the fullest, but also to have an understanding for how to protect it. Joining us means that you will meet like-minded people with similar interests. Outdoor activities can be practised at all levels of society, and all activities that we offer are non-competetive. 

The national parks of Finland

There are 40 national parks in Finland that offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. There are many natural areas in Finland that are protected to preserve their natural features and wildlife. The national parks have hiking routes, nature trails and campfire sites. You can stay overnight at designated camping sites, shelters or huts. More information is available on each 40 national park's website www.nationalparks.fi/en

Everyman's right

Everyman's right - the freedom to roam - is understood as the right to use natural areas for recreational purposes, for nature-based tourism and for the collection of natural products. It is important that landowners and people exercising everyman's rights are aware of the responsibilities and opportunities that come with this right. In addition, certain natural areas may have special regulations that limit activities such as camping and the use of sensitive areas during the nesting season. Such restrictions are listed separately for each area. Read more about everyman's right. 

Nature's healing power 

Nature encourages us to be more active - subliminally we move around more briskly outdoors and activity feels less demanding than indoors. It has been noticed that people who move around outdoors are more likely to exercise repeatedly than those who exercise indoors. 

Studies show that time spent in nature improves mood and sense of personal well-being. Nature revitalises us, and helps us recover from stress. It improves our ability to focus and can also reduce your pulse rate and blood pressure. Also, our social well-being is improved as well as our sense of community. We have a more positive attitude towards other people and we can feel that our mood quickly improves. Spending time in nature can boost your energy or recover you effectively, depending on what you need.