This is Suomen Latu

Enjoy the outdoors - together with us! We offer a variety of outdoor activities for all ages and skill. Suomen Latu - The Outdoor Association of Finland is a non-profit organization that has been promoting an active outdoor lifestyle since 1938. 

We want people to have access to outdoor recreation, in spite of age, background or personal basis. Our vision is that everyone can find a meaningful way to engage in outdoor recreational activities and to be able to enjoy nature to the fullest. 

The core activities that we offer include hiking, geocaching, skiing, snowshoeing, winter swimming and Nordic Walking. 

We work in the central organization Suomen Latu as well as in member organizations around Finland. Our member organizations are driven by voluntary work who arrange outdoor activities for their local community. The input of our volunteers is vital and significant, since they help us crystallize our vision throughout the country.

We want to improve the conditions of outdoor life in Finland. A cornerstone of our work is to focus on children's well-being and their interest and relationship with nature. Skogsmullen, the fictional forest character, and outdoor pedagogy for early ages are organized programmes for outdoor education and learning.

A wide range of of courses, training and events are organized for our members to learn more about outdoor life, everyman's right, technique, security and much more. Come and experience Finland's beautiful nature together with us!