We provide the right courses for yourself and your family: the children get familiar with skiing together with a parent in the Moominfamily's skischool, the youngsters learn to ski through fun and games in the Moomin skischool, the adults may practise their technique in classic cross country- or skate skiing. Additionally we introduce children to snowshoe walking in the Moomin snowshoeschool.

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First time on skis, 60min

During this basic course for cross country skiing we are practicing the basics of the classic technique and focusing on staying on the skis.

23.1. at 17:30-18:30  sign up

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Basic course for skating style, 60min 
In this course we are practicing the skating technique. You won't be needing any previous skating style experience, but it would be an asset if you have previous experience on skiing.

25.1. at 18:45-19:45  sign up

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Terms of agreement

Signing up to a course:
Signing up to a course is done trough our webpage. Sign-ups are binding. The payment is completed upon sign-up.

Purchases from the webshop are paid in full upon sign-up. The sign-up is automatically registered into the database of Suomen Latu.

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Cancellation of the course:
In case of a cancellation the service provider will inform every signed up person personally. The signed up persons will be informed about a cancellation WITHOUT EXCEPTION! Failure to participate in the course is not processed as a valid cancellation. In case of a cancellation by the service provider, the customer is reimbursed in full.

Reasons for cancelling the course may be too few sign-ups, sickness of the instructor, lack of snow or exceptionally poor weather. Remember: the course is cancelled only if the participants have been informed by phone, email or text message.

The service provider's right to make changes:
Suomen Latu reserves the right to changes due to change in prices, force majeure clauses or other hinders beyond the control of Suomen Latu.

Terms of cancellation:
- In case of sickness the payment, subtracted by 5€ as handling fee, will be reimbursed. A medical certificate must be delivered to the following adress as soon as possible: Paloheinän hiihtopalvelu, Pakilantie 124, 00670 Helsinki or by email: The customer is obligated to inform the service provider about falling ill immediately by email, prior to the starting date of the course.