The ski- and snowshoe service of Paloheinä is usable by groups from elementary schools. But unfortunately we do not offer schools garage normal way this year because of corona. We encourage schools to get skiing packages or snow shoes beforehand for a day or two and co-operate between classes in the same school. 

The cost of one package is 6 euros per day (skiis+poles+boots OR snowshoes). 

Bookings via email. 

Skipackages 6€/set/day (incl. skis, ski poles and ski boots.)
Snowshoes 6€/set/day (incl. snowshoes and poles.)



The equipment is paid for either by billing or cash/debitcard to Paloheinä's ski services. When paying in cash, the whole sum of the rental must be paid in full in one single transaction. Pieces of equipment may not be paid for separately. When payment is completed trough billing, the adress for the recipient is delivered to the ski service on the day of the event at the latest. The teacher is committed to pay for all the reserved equipment.

Terms of cancellation

Reservations made may be cancelled or altered free of charge up until 3 days prior to the event. Cancellations made later than that will result in an office fee 50% of the total sum. Cancellations made due to the weather (at least -16°C) are free of charge. The cancellations are done beforehand by emailing

To observe

The teacher/supervisor is in charge of the following:

The teacher is in charge of the tidyness of the container, and will clean it if needed with the cleaning equipment provided. If an employee of the ski service has to clean the container or put the equipment in it's right place, the customer is charged with a compensation for caused expenses, a minimum of 15€.


Inventory of skis and snowshoes

Skis for classic cross country skiing - 26 pairs

146 cm (2 pairs)
153 cm (3 pairs)
160 cm (4 pairs)
167 cm (7 pairs)
174 cm (5 pairs)
181 cm (5 pairs)

Skis for freestyle cross country skiing - 11 pairs

140 cm (2 pairs)
153 cm (3 pairs)
160 cm (3 pairs)
167 cm (1 pair)
173 cm (2 pairs)

Ski boots for classic cross country skiing - 27 pairs

34 (2 pairs)
35 (2 pairs)
36 (3 pairs)
37 (2 pairs)
38 (2 pairs)
39 (3 pairs)
40 (3 pairs)
41 (2 pairs)
41 (2 pairs)
42 (2 pairs)
43 (3 pairs)
44 (3 pairs)

Ski boots for freestyle cross country skiing - 6 pairs

36 (1 pair)
38 (1 pair)
39 (1 pair)
41 (1 pair)
42 (1 pair)
43 (1 pair)

Ski poles - 42 pairs

110 cm (3 pairs)
115 cm (3 pairs)
120 cm (7 pairs)
130 cm (6 pairs)
135 cm (6 pairs)
140 cm (5 pairs)
145 cm (3 pairs)
150 cm (3 pairs)

Snowshoes - 23 pairs

All snowshoes are suitable for children and youngsters.