Mountain Biking

Rediscover Nature with Bicycle

The bike is one of the oldest ways of transportation but it can also be a great tool for leisure activities, alone, in a group or with family. It will bring you to new places. Because you can go faster longer way, you will have the possibility to reach really spectacular landscape and challenging terrain.

Mountain biking is a versatile tool that, according to your own skills and fitness, can play on a wide variety of terrains. You should try this new way to hiking and have lots of fun in nature. Mountain biking is for all ages, from younger children to older grown up.

The best part of that leisure activity is that is part of everyman's right – in principle, you can, for example, cycle around where to walk.

If a more experienced mountain biker enjoys hard workouts, more technical and demanding trails, the beginners will enjoy the new sensations and the possibility to reach new horizons.

After a course with Suomen Latu biking tour, the less experienced cyclist can get to the tastes of the sport on marked trails. On the small natural trails of peri-urban areas and forests, you will enjoy riding through rocks, roots, and turns. In recreation areas, wilderness hiking trails and other natural parks you cn ride a bicycle for longer trips.

For cyclists, nature is an integral part of the enjoyment of the sport, so you should always enjoy nature while respecting other outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain biking is not riskier than hiking in the wild, as long as you drive according to your skill level. The main item is the helmet, but the cyclist must know is own limits.

With Suomen Latu courses and group rides, you always learn new things, set new challenges and constantly improve yourself. Last but not the least socializing with that new community is the salt and pepper of those events.

Mountain biking instructors from Suomen Latu associations take care of creating mtb courses which are suitable for beginners. You will learn all the steering technics and get to know new terrains. If you search for tips and instructions about the gears, the events or contacts of your new hobby our instructors and volunteer will answer that and more.

Thanks to that stimulating environment you can discover and start your mountain biking experience in the best conditions.  

For the most experienced off-road racer, those events will permit to meet the local community and discover its trails.

Weekly rides and others events can be found on associations websites and related Facebook groups.